The Ehime University Graduate School of Law and Letters, as a comprehensive graduate course combining humanities and social sciences, and based on a multilateral and interdisciplinary perspective, is a source of advanced technical knowledge of and capability in the humanities and various social sciences, and aims to develop people equipped with the ability to solve the various problems of modern society.

Diploma Policy of the Graduate School(Diploma award policy and the skills to be acquired on graduation)

  1. Knowledge/Understanding
  2. Possess advanced, specialist knowledge of the humanities and social sciences.
  3. Thinking/Judgment
  4. Hold an interdisciplinary perspective, knowledge of advanced research methods in the humanities and social sciences, and the ability to conduct independent inquiry into subjects of your own choosing.
  5. Interest/Enthusiasm
  6. Demonstrate your advanced specialist knowledge in your dealings with wider society, and become aware of the part you have to play.
  7. Attitude
  8. By applying your advanced specialist knowledge in the real world, contribute to upholding a knowledge-based society.
  9. Skills/Expression
  10. Be able to accurately and concisely communicate your advanced specialist knowledge to wider society.

Admission Policy of the Graduate School(Student admission policy and the skills expected on enrollment)

  1. Knowledge/Understanding
  2. Possess a basic knowledge of the specialist methods and subject matter of the humanities and social sciences, equivalent to the completion of a bachelor’s degree.
  3. Thinking/Judgment
  4. Have the ability to set your own research problems using the research methods of a particular specialist field within the humanities and social sciences.
  5. Interest/Enthusiasm/Attitude
  6. Hold a high level of interest in the humanities and social sciences and the desire to use the specialist knowledge that you acquire to contribute to the development of a vibrant, knowledge-based society.
  7. Skills/Expression
  8. Possess the ability to precisely communicate the subject of your own research, both orally and in writing.