Piotr Rosne助教

ピオトル ロズネ / Piotr Rosne

Four years at a university may seem like a long time to you, but it isn’t. If possible, I would like you to decide relatively early what you wish to study here and then focus all your energy on that choice. Many students who come here seem lost: they’re not sure where their interests lie, who or what they like, what they would like to be or do in the future. If your reason seems ambivalent follow your instinct. Think about the things you like to do in your free time, for example, books you like to read, movies you like to watch or music you like to listen to. Draw a conclusion from those preferences and it should be easier for you to determine your future. In my case, this realization occurred to me relatively early in my life. In elementary school I knew I preferred humanities to science, and in high school I was attracted to literature, in particular Austrian literature of the fin de siècle period. And Greek philosophy, mainly the Cynics. And music, art, and many other related things. I had tried my hand at various things, but in the end I realized that language is perhaps the medium that, realistically speaking, can give me the greatest satisfaction. My road to being a teacher here has been twisted and sometimes arduous, but I have seldom regretted this choice. Satisfaction from what one is doing is perhaps the greatest reward one can wish for from one’s occupation. Money, as important as it may seem, cannot really come close to the feeling of self-fulfilment one can gain from a deeply satisfying job. So, I would like you to ruminate on it for a while and to choose wisely because this decision will affect the rest of your life.