At the Faculty of Law and Letters (established 1968), we train highly versatile global human resources that have “practical abilities (practical knowledge) and a broad education with a foundation in humanities and social sciences” and can accurately grasp turbulent modern societies from a global point of view, envision new cultural and social modalities with a glocal mind, continue to study throughout their lives in order to contribute to the realization of those modalities, and effectively convert learning into action. For this reason – in addition to a foundation of fundamental learning in order to cope with globalization – we actively incorporate practical learning that includes things such as overseas training and offer curriculums through which the knowledge and skills to cope with the global community can be mastered, while simultaneously making it possible to get a broad education in social sciences and humanities, and an in-depth education in each field of specialization. In addition, we have also opened our doors to working people and lifelong learners by offering courses where students can learn mainly in the evening.